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Please note that appointments are in high demand. Therefore, if an appointment is cancelled without 4 hours notice a cancelation fee of $79.99 plus HST will be charged.

If you have a more custom request, please reach out by phone.

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Please contact us for a quote or estimate as most can be done over the phone or by email.


$79.99 + HST

A diagnostic of the equipment.

Service Call

$129.99 + HST & PARTS

Equipment is not working and needs to be fixed.

Thermostat Install

$129.99 + HST

A thermostat installation for a customer or ServicePlus supplied thermostat.

Portable Heater/Air Conditioner Rental Service

$29.99 Per Day Per Unit

Receive a portable heater or air conditioner while you wait for a repair or install.

Furnace Maintenance

$129.99 + HST

Includes a 2 page report on the health of your furnace and safety checks.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

$129.99 + HST

Includes safety checks, and reports from the technician on appropriate levels of refrigerant.

Fireplace Maintenance

$129.99 + HST

Includes safety checks and glass cleaning.

Water Heater Maintenance

$129.99 + HST

Includes flushing the tank or tankless and safety checks.

Maintenance Bundles

$129.99 + HST

For a limited time, bundle your maintenances!
Price is $129.99 plus HST for your first piece of equipment. And $49.99 plus HST for each piece of equipment after. Must be completed during the same visit at the same location.

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