Financing Through FinanceIt

Our FinanceIt Process

We understand that repairs and replacements come at unexpected times. Imagine upgrading your heating and cooling system without the stress of upfront costs. With flexible payment plans, you can enjoy the comfort and efficency of top-quality equipment right away. Don’t let budget constraints hold you back – take advantage of our financing options today and make your home more comfortable than ever!


Sign Off On Estimate





A soft credit check (will not affect your credit score) comes first. Once you have that initial approval, you are ready to pick your preferred estimate.


Sign Off On Estimate

Once your pre-approval is completed, you can now pick which repair or new equipment package you prefer. Sign off on the one you want and we will get it set aside for you. Once it is all ready, we will give you a call to schedule the appointment. We then add it the equipment details to the loan and get the final approval. (This is the hard credit check.)


Install or Repair Day

Our team of skilled technicians will come to your home and install according to the estimate you picked or the repair option chosen.  They will ensure that everything is working properly and that you are informed about how the equipment works. 


And Done!

A quick link is sent by email stating that everything has been completed for the estimate. Sign off and FinanceIt pays us at ServicePlus and you get to enjoy your equipment with low monthly payments!

Let's Get Started?

Ready to upgrade your home’s comfort? Don’t wait! Apply for our financing options now and start enjoying top-quality heating and cooling equipment without the upfront cost. Click here to apply and transform your home today!

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