The usual options for heating water in the home or business are hot water tank heaters and tankless heaters. Both models provide the same service in their own ways, but the question still remains; which one is better?

Hence the team at Service Plus Heating and Cooling is here to tell you about both systems and their unique advantages over each other.

Hot Water Tank Heaters

These heaters are more common than their tankless counterparts. Its components comprise an insulated tank capable of storing 30-50 gallons of water and a pipe to deliver water where it is needed. Temperature and pressure release valves are also a component of the hot water heaters, they provide relief when the temperature and pressure of the heater move to the excess of the preset levels.

Water storage heaters are usually powered by electricity or gas. The gas-powered models use less energy than the electric models but they cost more to purchase.

Advantages of Hot Water Tank Heaters

Hot water tank heater

The cost of purchasing and installing this model of hot water heater is much lower than the tankless models due to their abundance and properties. This one won’t break the bank! Since most buildings are designed to accommodate these types of heaters, installation is simple and convenient.

In emergency situations when the water supply is interrupted, the water storage tank provides a backup supply that can be relied on until it’s empty. This is one of the primary benefits; especially for homes in winter that run the risk of interruptions.

This system is known and dependable and used extensively all over the country. Any necessary maintenance or upgrades can be performed without the purchase of specialized equipment or significant renovations to the building. Essentially, the hot water tank heaters are the most used option and thus are easier machines to install and maintain than any other option. 

Tankless Water Heaters

Also known as on-demand water heaters, tankless systems use electric or gas coils to heat up water when necessary. Since these units do not store water, they use sensors to determine when the water is flowing, thermometric equipment to determine the current temperature of the water and a heat exchanger to ensure that the water hits the desired temperature.

Most buildings are designed for hot water tank heaters, hence installing a tankless system might require some retrofitting.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaterstankless water heater

The lifespan of this model of hot water heater is much longer than the water storage variety. Additionally, the efficiency of this system also provides long-term benefits with regard to financial costs.

Tankless water heaters also take up less room, allowing greater space saving than their bulkier counterparts. Also, any malfunctions that occur in a tankless unit are not as likely to cause flooding and water damage as in the hot water tank.

Which One Is Better?

Choosing between a hot water tank heater and a tankless water heater will most likely hinge on the specific situation of each customer.

Water storage tanks are less efficient in the long term than tankless versions so they are less suited to those who need to save extensively. However, the costs of installation and necessary retrofits associated with the tankless versions could make them a non-starter for many interested parties.

Tankless versions make more efficient use of the available but hot water tank heaters will be invaluable during emergencies. Consider your situation and base your purchase on that. If you don’t think you are at risk of supply interruptions, then a tankless option may be more appealing to you. 

Maintaining and upgrading a water storage tank heater will always create a risk of flooding but the costs will usually be minimal. On-demand heaters offer longer lifespans with less need for regular maintenance but the parts required if and when the need crops up will always create a significant financial cost. At the end of the day, it’s up to the customer to decide which one best fits their needs.

Service Plus Heating and Cooling – Full-Service HVAC

Hot water tank heaters and tankless heaters both provide a necessary service, no matter their oppositional merits and demerits. Please contact us if you need a water heater installed in your home or business. Service Plus Heating and Cooling is a full-service HVAC company that provides the best heating systems on the market. Our experience in installing and maintaining water heaters of both the tank and tankless variety makes us uniquely qualified to handle any scenario that may arise.